How security job-ready are you?

  • Precise Protective
  • Aug 1, 2018

Attention Security Guards!
Are you ready for that call?

How prepared are you for a security job should you get the call?

When working in security guard in Miami or Atlanta, whether as a temporary or permanent guard, due to the nature of the game, you never know when you may be called upon for a job.

It may be a last minute call to work on the security team of a venue or event you have never worked before.  Or it may be that you’re required to fill in of a guard that has let down your regular employer. Whichever way, are you ready?

Do you keep on hand your security badge, and security suitable clothing – in your car, or a bag packaged and ready to run inside and grab from your home?

If not – simply, you should. In the fast-paced, and fast turnover security industry jobs come available all the time and if you are not prepared to be able to get there fast, and ready to work you may lose out not just pay, but excellent opportunities and potential further security job contracts.