Security Guard Database Myths

  • Precise Protective
  • Oct 1, 2018

Security Guard Database Myths

Myth#1: Security guards are not always trained

All of the security guards on the Precise Protective database are fully trained and qualified.  Their profiles within the app have their experience and relevant information listed and clearly displayed.  Both armed and unarmed guards know how to react and handle situations and emergencies and the basic requirements of the specific security job at hand.

Myth #2: Security guards only deal with crime, and that’s it

The reality is that security guards perform many other services apart from deterring crime. Responsive in providing first aid in case of an emergency in some cases, to crowd control and bag searches and emergency exit planning.

Myth #3: Security guards don’t really deter criminals

Another misconception regarding security guards is that they can’t deter criminals or troublemakers. The truth is that the presence of even one security guard can often make criminals think twice about their target.

That’s because the ideal situation for a criminal is for them to commit their action both speedily and undetected, without a threat of being caught. A security guard makes it less likely that they’ll be able to get away before the police arrive.

Myth #4: As a business, you have to pre-arrange security guards with lots of time in advance

With our app, this is an absolute myth. Once registered, you as a business owner or event manager can browse on demand as you need them.  This can be as close as the very same day or shift and get access to local, available security guards who can be on your premises fast.

Myth #5: There is just one type of security guard

Every security job has its own requirements and there is a range of qualifications and training that make a guard suitable. On our app, there are security guard profiles for all types of security job and you can simply select what it is you are looking for in just a few clicks and find a short list of suitable candidates with a wide range of experiences and qualifications.