Drunk Fan Rushes Stage At Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Atlanta Concert

Did everyone see the news last week about the Jay Z & Beyonce show in Atlanta? Here we have a prime example of why your music concert security must be water-tight for headline music events.

As the Carters finished performing their joint song “Apeshit” at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Saturday night (Aug. 25) a fan ran onto the stage and attempted to follow the artists backstage.

Security quickly rushed into the chaos at the music concert and resolved the issue and had a tight team not been in place who knows what could have happened.

This only demonstrates that anything can happen at a music concert and as an event planner or host it is your responsibility and duty of care to your headline acts and guests to ensure their security, protection and safety.

Professional security consultants like Precise Protective are specialists in music event security both in Atlanta and Miami.

Offering close production, crowd management, show safety and security, bag searches and ID checks a specialist security firm will not only create a safe environment for your guests, but should something happen just like at the Carter’s concert – they are ready to handle the situation with minimal risk and disruption.

Have you got an emergency security plan in place?

Are your music event security team prepared for something out of the ordinary?

Are your VIP headline acts SAFE?

If you are planning an music concert or festival and want to discuss the best security measures to take to ensure a successful and safe event, contact us.

Youtube video by Lauren JNel