Is your store security ready for the holidays?

As the holidays approach and consumers flood your stores in Miami & Atlanta in search of food, drink, decorations and gifts, retailers can feel the strain: more people means more risk and, unfortunately, more crime. It’s important to be prepared and have a security plan in place for the busy festive season. To help you keep your stock, staff and consumers safe, here are five holiday security tips for retailers.

1. Ensure fitting rooms are attended

If you are a clothing retailer, you’ll know using fitting rooms to facilitate theft is still a popular technique amongst shoplifters. Fitting rooms afford thieves the time and space needed to remove security tags, switch price tickets and conceal garments under clothing and in bags. For this reason, it’s crucial that you have at least one member of staff manning your fitting rooms in your Atlanta and Miami at all times throughout the festive season.

Also having an additional security guard near the fitting rooms can be a strong deterrent for potential criminals.

2. Greet shoppers as they enter your store

To a would-be thief, a simple employee greeting can serve as an effective deterrent, since it demonstrates that your shop is well-staffed and that employees are diligent.

So, position a member of staff or, if possible, a security guard at the entrance to your store and give them instructions to welcome consumers as they enter.

Not only will this deter criminals, it will make legitimate shoppers feel welcome.

3. Increase visibility in your store in Atlanta and Miami

Keep shorter displays close to the tills and taller displays close to the perimeter to increase visibility of you staff and security guards. Avoid creating blind spots and hideaways, create a layout that is both best for genuine customers and makes it easier for staff and security guards to tackle any potential thieves.


Cameras inside and outside your store in Atlanta and Miami will deter criminals as well as help you catch them.  Real-time systems are especially helpful for small businesses  during the busy holiday period where there may only be one or two employees present.  Installing screens at the till point is a good way to have all eyes on deck at all times to spot any wrong-doing.

5. Additional Security Staff

Having a strong security presence can be your strongest deterrent. As your store in Miami and Atlanta becomes busier in the run up to the holidays, employing extra security guards can be an effective way to stop criminals targeting your business as well as catching thieves who do try.

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What is Precise Protective?

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