Security Guards for Adult Entertainment Venues (also knows as ‘strip clubs).

The adult entertainment sector in both Miami and Atlanta is thriving. With many clubs attracting customers 7 nights a week as a ‘strip club‘ or adult entertainment venue owner in Atlanta and Miami security is a top priority to keep your female and male staff SAFE.

Precise Protective are security specialists within this adult entertainment field in Miami and Atlanta.  Our guards are fully qualified and highly trained to deal with this type of environment enabling you as a venue owner to have complete peace of mind that your club can offer all of its staff and your customer’s a safe, working environment, free from risk, threat or intimidation.


Should the unfortunate incident of some trouble break out, our strip club security guards in Atlanta & Miami are prepared to handle the situation.  In the first instance the goal will be to diffuse and avoid the situation escalation into violence or harm to any of your staff or guests, with as little disruption as possible to the venue – however, should things progress our security guards are trained to deal with intoxicated, hostile and aggressive customers.

Can you afford to run your business without having professional security guards in your workplace?

They not only protect your business facility from crimes but also create a sense of security for owners, employees and your visitors.

Not sure what security staff you needs?

Simply talk to one of our experienced securityconsultants who can advise you and find you the very best team for your commercial security requirements in Atlanta.

Prevention is better than cure.

Professional security guards can not only be responsive to events or crimes that happening in your commercial premises, offices or store but they act as a deterrent to prevent planned crimes such as theft and break-ins.

Protect your business, staff and customers in Atlanta with our experiences expert professional security staff – our app allows your to scroll and search for the security professional you need, and their live availability.

Private Security

Private security is a necessity at any event in Atlanta, large or small, social or corporate, public or private.

Safety and security should be one of the most important concerns of any event manager – your guests well-being during their time with you is of the utmost important and will determine the success and the future of your business and reputation.