Unarmed guards tend to be sufficient in most cases in the Atlanta area – however your risk assessment will give more insight into what type of security guard would best suit your needs.

What things should you consider that may influence your decision regarding security guard services.

How much risk of attack do you face?Are you likely to be targeted? Will the event attract a potentially aggressive crowd (important sports events with rival fans for example). Are you serving alcohol, will the event be a busy ‘shoulder to shoulder’ set up. What time of day is the event? What could potentially happen?

Where will the guards be – what are the settings for the event?Unarmed private security will appear less threatening than armed guards. For example if your event is for a large music event with families and lots of civilians such as shopping malls, parks, colleges, or any places where many people congregate together, then these are the type of places that unarmed guards would be best suited – mainly to minimise any risk of anyone getting hurt in case of a guard opening fire.

If for example you were holding event with his worth items such as cars or expensive jewellery or item of value, armed security guards may well be required to the protection of an attempted theft.

What’s your security budget?As you would expect, armed security guards are a higher cost that unarmed security guards in Atlanta – and this should be considered when planning your health and safety to ensure your budget allows for all your other requirements.